Why ETF-Sandwich Panels?

Local supply with absolute quality
Insulation foam from world-class suppliers.
High level of automation to eliminate defects due to labor mistakes
Huge production capacity, near-immediate delivery
Customers can choose from the wide range of products available
Professional employees with international experience

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Advantages of ETF- PUF

Industrial insulated panels are the choice of the professionals. Compared to conventional cladding and insulation systems, they are superior in many areas. Basically, in any given structural element, professionals seek structural integrity and strength, easy and fast installation, no harmful effects for the environment and the ability to retain its properties for the specified lifetime. And while providing all the above, they do not want any restrictions to limit their creativity in design. We can group these requirements into four basic topics.

Flexibility in Design is not limited because:

Light weight but strong panels are capable of larger spans.
Easy to tailor to suit different dimensions and shapes.
Clean and attractive appearance.

Installation is easy and fast because

Prefabricated single-component, hassle-free product
Speeds up construction and project completion.

They provide outstanding building performance because

Superior insulation value significantly lowers HVAC costs.
Superior air and water tightness prevent any kind of leakages
They are an effective vapor barrier.
Uniform insulating value across the entire wall and roof area.
Negligible reduction in long term thermal resistance R-value.
They help preserve the environment because
No ozone- depleting gases are used in production
Greatly decreases carbon emission of buildings
Greatly decreases the need to consume fossil-based fuels