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We are the best PUF slab manufacturer and PUF slab supplier reliable company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. PUF slab is one of most cost-effective thermal insulation inflexible polyurethane foam materials that use in construction and industries. Any kind of construction, where temperature and energy savings are a matter of concern for us, this is the first choice. The applications of these PUF slabs are largely on the ground for insulting roofs and walls of cold storage, freezer rooms and civil buildings. We provide PUF slabs in Pune, Maharashtra India. We also provide PUF slabs with craft paper or aluminum foil lamination.

Puf Slab Supplier

Our PUF Slab supplier are ideal for building plant dimming walls quickly and cost effectively due to minimal waste and less installation time frame than conventional building materials. In addition, their PUF Slab allows these wall systems to be moved or re-positioned - a correct solution that adheres to changing business needs. Whether you need to make the office space in your factory, attach the powder coating operation, or split the floor from the floor to the roof, then we also available to provide you this product and services.

PUF Slab Supplier

PUF Slab Supplier

To create temperature and humidity-controlled enclosures, to cover an area completely, reach the height of 50 feet above the floor to ceiling.

These wall-splitting models are ideal for building temporary demolished walls or permanent enclosures to increase workflow efficiency, due to their prefabricated design, these modular wall systems are easily integrated with each other as well as the structure of the existing building.

Feature of PUF Slab:

  • Reduces Installation time
  • Low cost
  • Excellent material
  • Less disruption to work space
PUF Slab Manufacturer